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On Demand Performance Improvement

July 6th, 2010

A new reality of today’s workplace is how stretched we are as a workforce. Reported productivity increases have posted consecutive gains few thought could be attained. Weekly hours worked are at just about the same level as when the economic expansion was at its peak. While the slack in the broad economy has never been greater, workers are stretched.

At the same time, for reasons I wrote about in my June 23rd post entitled Why VOC and Customer Experience are Front & Center?, the goods and services we buy and what we require is changing. Reacquiring customer requirements and redesigning goods and services, as well as the processes that deliver those goods and services takes people and work. So as productivity skyrockets, the demands on the workforce rise just as fast.

To give these people the skills and support while recognizing the demands on their time, the transfer of knowledge must become more efficient. Content must be modular and interchangeable based on the needs of individuals. Instruction must include both the benefits of human interaction and asynchronous delivery. Support must be on-demand and micro-targeted to specific learning challenges. And it must all be at a cost that fits today’s demands for value.

Years ago this list of requirements would have been unthinkable as functionality and cost pulled in opposite directions. But today, technology, a tremendous stored warehouse of intellectual property and new working relationships make these things attainable. A massive library of content across the spectrum of subjects throughout the economy, blogs, podcasts, collaboration tools and a highly skilled and flexible base of experienced people allow us to structure On Demand Performance Improvement at an investment level company’s can’t afford not make.

Give your people the new skills and support they need to meet the escalating demands on their time. The returns are there as the projects have breakthrough opportunity and the investment is affordable. Break the paradigm with which you’ve been training and supporting your people. Use the wave of technologies, content and people available. The time is now.

Contact us to discuss how you might implement an on demand model for business performance and process improvement.

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