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On Demand Performance Improvement: Still Don’t Believe?

August 6th, 2010

We’ve been blogging regularly and published a white paper about the use of social media tools in learning. The central thesis has been that our economic environment demands continued, and even accelerated, learning while the traditional costly and time consuming paradigm of training isn’t meeting our needs. Take a look at On Demand Performance Improvement and Economically Delivering the Right Mix of Lean, Six Sigma and Business Process Management. Do our writings have merit or are they simply futuristic musings? Well take a look at this You Tube video entitled Did You Know?

Those of us that are going to make it to the other side must learn new skills and will use technology differently to do so. We’ll learn to do something by going to You Tube to find a video; by using search engines to find the knowledge we want when we want to apply it; and by asking our network of friends, family and colleagues using FaceBook and LinkedIn. Socially connected in the business world does not mean going to lunch together, it means peer learning and sharing. Almost all knowledge will be new in the sense that it will be continually learned. We are excited about this prospect. Continuous learning is essential and we have the means by which to provide it.

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